Why Us

Some of the ways you'll benefit from working with us.

You'll work directly with senior management.

Two seasoned professionals will partner with you to find the right buyer and negotiate a transaction that offers you the best possible outcome.

You'll always be top-of-mind.

With only a handful of clients at any one time, we're never too busy to make your needs our priority at every step of the way - even after the sale.

Your company will be presented in the best possible light.

We articulate your value proposition in the confidential marketing materials that we'll prepare as part of our 7-Step Methodology.

Your industry is our specialty.

You'll profit from our specialized expertise in middle-market companies that provide...

  • Legal support services - litigation support, staffing, IT services, legal process outsourcing,
  • Legal technology - eDiscovery, case & document management, knowledge and enterprise content management, and other software used in legal, and
  • Cyber security and compliance services and technology.

Our exclusive database of potential buyers.

With our years of nonstop networking, staying on top of every new development in the industries we serve, we’ve built a comprehensive database of targeted and qualified potential buyers.

We're experts at finding less-obvious buyers.

We often identify buyers in industries ancillary to yours, for whom gaining a foothold in your market sector can be a smart strategic move. These "hidden buyers" tend to pay more because they're not just buying your company — they're buying knowledge in a market that's new to them.

Your confidentiality is protected.

You can be assured that we will treat all your private and proprietary information with 100% confidentiality.

We play your cards close to the vest.

Remaining anonymous to potential buyers can give you the upper hand. That's why we provide interested parties with only enough information to evaluate your business - without identifying it - until they show genuine interest and execute a strict confidentiality agreement.

Best valuation and terms in the current market

Through our years of experience selling businesses similar to yours, we can give you a good estimation of your company’s value. However, it is the market that determines the ultimate value. We never set a price on a company, but our process will produce the best price and terms for your company.

We know that money isn't everything.

Maybe you're looking for assurance that the jobs of certain key employees will be protected. Or perhaps you'd like to remain on board as a consultant for a while after the sale. Whatever your objectives, we'll work our hardest to get them for you.