Confidential Disclosure

Sign Confidentiality Agreement

In order to help you achieve the greatest value for your business, we need to take a deep dive into your business information. This confidentiality agreement gives you our assurance to keep your information to ourselves. Your details are safe with us.

Understanding Your Goals

Understanding Your Goals

You obviously want to get the most value as possible out of your business in a sale. But you may have other objectives as well.

Would you like to retain partial ownership, so the business continues to provide you income as it grows? Do you have special timing requirements? Employee retention needs? We help you determine all your goals, and work hard to achieve those, not just the monetary ones.


Gather Information

We’ll make information transfer as easy as possible for you with meetings, checklists, and questionnaires.

Valuation Expectations

What is the value you can hope to achieve from your company? We’ll help you develop a realistic range of expectations based on attributes unique to your company.

Confidential Marketing

Confidential Marketing Process

Marketing to sell a business is a complex process. Like most marketing, it involves an in depth understanding of both the value proposition of your business and the acquisition goals of the most qualified buyers where your business fits a strategic need. Here are the steps we take:

  • Create a Blind Profile and Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). We don’t want potential buyers to know who you are, but rather just learn salient facts about your business and products to whet their interest
  • Develop list of potential buyers, that we share with you for your input
  • Distribute your Blind Profile and NDAs to our Buyers List and elicit a response
  • Talk with all respondents: We qualify their operational and financial appropriateness for a transaction, and generate interest to review your business further
  • Begin confidential discussions: Obtain signed NDAs from qualified respondents
  • Forward your CIM
  • Field questions/issues associated with the business
  • Schedule buyer/seller meetings in person or via conference call
  • Exchange Information with interested parties
  • Obtain Letters of Intent (LOI)


LOI execution

  • Work with as many buyers as possible to create a competitive environment
  • Find the best buyer willing and able to complete a transaction most favorable to you
  • Work with Buyer and Seller to determine
    • Most advantageous structure and terms for a sale
    • Transitional and timing issues
  • Execute the most favorable LOI

Due diligence

  • Work with your tax, legal, and accounting advisors to facilitate sharing information with the selected buyer
  • Establish a secure data room for transferring your confidential information to the buyer
  • Coordinate with the buyer's team and assure that their information requests are reasonable and appropriate
  • Participate with all parties at meetings and conference calls to assure that diligence stays on track and heading toward a close


Although you will retain legal counsel to negotiate the sale agreement and any associated agreements, we will be available to assist.

Post-Close Involvement

Once the deal is closed, other issues may arise down the road related to the sale/transfer of the business. We’ll remain involved until all such issues are resolved.