ATLANTA –  LookUp Precision, an online cost and resource tracking product from Advanced Productivity Software, Inc. (APS), has been acquired by SydneyPLUS International Library Systems, Corp. LookUp Precision, along with complementary products DTE Axiom and RollCall, has positioned APS as the leader in providing scalable, reliable time tracking and cost recovery solutions to the law firm sector. Capturing data on billable time as well as information on various activities performed by lawyers and staff (such as online research) is critical to effective operational management. Accurate reporting on time and resource usage establishes credibility with clients and helps maintain the trust-based relationship so critical to the success of a client/counsel partnership. APS clients include more than 50 percent of the AmLaw 100 private firms as well as other major business enterprises. This makes the acquisition by SydneyPLUS particularly compelling, as the companies share a similar client base.

Staff from LookUp Precision and SydneyPLUS will work together to ensure a smooth transition and continuation of providing the highest standard of service. Both companies share a joint commitment to a long term, healthy, and productive relationship which guarantees that existing and new customers will be well taken care of and will benefit from this synergistic business combination.

In keeping with the SydneyPLUS solutions enhancement methodology, LookUp Precision’s software development strategy will continue to align with the needs of its customers. LookUp Precision will come together with SydneyPLUS to deliver cutting edge technology and tools to clients who track and manage cost recovery processes in professional services firms.

“Our strategy has always been to act in the best interest of our clients,” says Jim Tharpe, President of APS. “Given SydneyPLUS’s strong position with knowledge products in the law firm market, they are in a great position to carry forward the LookUp Precision business and take it to the next level, while APS focuses on DTE Axiom and RollCall, which have become more of our core.”

SydneyPLUS International is a leading global developer of knowledge management solutions. Since 1977, many of the world’s top businesses, including Fortune 1000 companies, law firms, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, financial services firms, cultural institutions and government agencies have benefited from the use of SydneyPLUS products. It is the company’s mission to enable its clients to optimize knowledge delivery, achieve financial and organizational goals, and ensure that information management fully supports business strategy. SydneyPLUS is recognized for helping clients to better collect, manage, and disseminate information with their multi-lingual, Unicode compliant MS-SQL and Oracle-based solutions.

“We at SydneyPLUS welcome LookUp Precision’s users to the SydneyPLUS family and believe our combined expertise will yield compelling solutions that bring opportunity, innovation and choice to all,” states Ron Aspe, President, SydneyPLUS International.

Together, LookUp Precision and SydneyPLUS will provide complementary products and services to help their customers meet key business objectives of reduced costs, increased revenues, improved productivity, accurate reporting and expanded user access, LookUp Precision’s customers will benefit from both the combined solutions and the strength of focused industry knowledge.The SydneyPLUS and LookUp Precision team remain dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the qualities that their customers have come to expect—technical innovation, exceptional service, outstanding reliability and a lifelong reputation for integrity.

Kenyon Group, LLC ( acted as merger and acquisition advisor to SydneyPLUS.

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Since 1990, Atlanta-based Advanced Productivity Software has provided scalable, reliable time tracking and cost recovery software that makes it easier to capture more time accurately, enabling law firms to quickly track and access activity that improves the firm’s bottom line. Used by more than 50 percent of the AmLaw 100 firms worldwide, Advanced Productivity Software offers two time management and usage tracking solutions: DTE Axiom and RollCall. For more information on Advanced Productivity Software and its solutions, please call 800-783-9231 or visit