PALO ALTO, CA – IntApp, Inc., provider of the most-adopted time recording software for law firms, today announced the acquisition of Advanced Productivity Software (APS), makers of DTE Axiom desktop and mobile time entry software.

The move creates the most sophisticated time management software offering for law firms, uniting the industry’s best time capture, time entry and mobile time recording software applications. As part of efforts leading up to the acquisition, product teams from IntApp and APS worked to integrate the two product lines, so that lawyer activity data automatically captured by IntApp Time Builder can now be seamlessly displayed and acted on directly through DTE Axiom.

“Having spent the past 23 years growing a company that’s served over 150,000 users, I decided that the time was right to start a new chapter in the history of APS,” said Jim Tharpe, President and Founder, Advanced Productivity Software. “I made the choice to deepen our long standing relationship with IntApp because I felt that their unmatched record of innovation and acknowledged reputation for outstanding customer service made them best suited to carry on our core mission of streamlining lawyer time management.”

DTE Axiom — Proven, Accessible Time Entry

DTE Axiom enables lawyers to quickly track and enter time on their desktop, laptop or mobile devices — regardless of where they are located or whether they have internet access or not. Delivered as stand-alone software with native clients supporting multiple platforms, and offering a highly-configurable interface, the product has been adopted by over 150,000 users.

Leveraging over two decades of real-world experience and feedback from global organizations with demanding requirements, DTE Axiom offers features designed specifically to address the diverse needs of lawyers, finance and IT professionals. These capabilities include speed, security and smooth integration with Microsoft Outlook and a variety of practice and financial management systems from vendors including Elite and Aderant.

Time Builder — Automated, Advanced Time Capture

Time Builder enables law firms to increase revenue by capturing billable time that is missed or under billed. It provides lawyers with an accurate, consolidated view of their client- and matter-related activity, generated by automatically monitoring the key applications they use throughout the day. Tracked systems include document creation, email, calendar, phone, and mobile devices.

Built to leverage IntApp’s proprietary IC3 technology, an intelligent cross-referencing, categorization and classification engine, Time Builder integrates information from a variety of firm business applications to automatically assign task durations and accurately match lawyer activity with associated clients and matters. These intelligent information management capabilities set Time Builder apart from other time capture products, which rely on users to manually “train” software to assign specific activities with specific matters and to record task durations themselves.

DTE Axiom + Time Builder — Delivering Unmatched Time Recording for Law Firms

The combination of DTE Axiom and Time Builder represents the latest development in IntApp’s ongoing campaign to fundamentally reshape law firm time management. Today, numerous market forces are driving the need for better, less burdensome, and more comprehensive time recording. These include new delivery and pricing requirements, ongoing pressure to boost firm financial performance and increasingly stringing client billing guidelines.

Enabling organizations to respond to these trends, IntApp delivers unique time management capabilities, including information security enhancements and real-time validation of time entries against e-billing rules to simplify compliance with client terms of business and enhance firm billing practices.

“Under the steady leadership of Jim Tharpe, Advanced Productivity Software has indeed advanced the time entry landscape, building solid technology and an impressive roster of satisfied clients,” said Dan Tacone, President, IntApp. “Integrating our respective teams and technologies opens exciting opportunities for law firms looking to enhance time recording and lawyer productivity. We’re excited about this acquisition and look forward to continuing to support the success of our expanding customer community.”

Kenyon Group, LLC served as exclusive financial advisor to Advanced Productivity Software in this transaction.

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